Braxton Elmer

Application Developer, Full Stack Web Developer


I am Braxton Elmer, an Application Developer, a Full Stack Web Developer and a AI Designer. I create and develop Robots, AI Devices, Websites and Desktop Applications. I am a content creator too, posting videos of different AI Devices I make in the Internet.

About Me

About Me

I am Braxton Elmer, 15 year old who loves to code.. I started to code when I was 11 years and it was HTML, it was at that age where I really didn't care about programming and I studied a little bit of HTML just because I had a assesment of it in my school. Then later in high school, Java came in my school yllabus, thats when I started learning a lot about Java. This made me really interested in Programming, and out of own interest I started learning programing languages out of my school syllabus like C#, PHP, Python. I started creating some AI Devices and uploaded them in my Youtube. Programming has been so fun for me everyday! I am looking forward to learn more programming languages in the future and also to master all the programming languages I have learned so far.

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